Las Vegas Online Sports Betting 2024

While you’ve been able to bet Vegas odds online for years, that’s only been possible for those living in Nevada. If you live anywhere else, you might be wondering how to bet in Vegas from another state. Well, you can’t.

But that doesn’t mean Las Vegas online sports betting is something you can’t enjoy regardless of where in America you happen to be. Thanks to legal overseas gambling, Vegas sportsbook odds are no longer limited to Vegas itself!

Yes, The City That Never Sleeps has finally woken up to the fact that it’s got some real competition from the international betting market.

The sites we recommend boast all the Las Vegas sports betting odds you could ever want, and they’re available to everyone. What used to happen in Vegas can now happen anywhere, anytime. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Online Sports Betting!

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Best Las Vegas Online Sportsbooks For US Players In 2024

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1Bovada Sports Betting100% Max $750USA Players AcceptedPlay Now
2MyBookie sports betting100% Max $1,000USA Players AcceptedPlay Now
3Betonline Logo50% Max $1,000USA Players AcceptedPlay Now

How We Rate The Best Vegas Sports Betting Online Destinations

Knowing how to place a bet in Vegas isn’t nearly as difficult as knowing how to choose the right venue to actually make that wager. It’s crucial to do your research before picking any online Vegas gambling destination, and for many bettors, that can be intimidating. After all, there are lots of scams out there.

However, there are also several tried-and-true operators that have been offering the best Vegas betting odds to American gamblers all across the USA for years, and those are the sites we recommend in our Vegas online sportsbook reviews.

We’ve been playing with this handful of venues for ages now, and we’ve put together this brief guide of what to expect so you don’t make any costly mistakes. We’ve been there and done that (and believe us – unlike going on a proper Vegas vacation, once was enough).

But you shouldn’t just take us at our word. It’s important that as a responsible online gambler, you also arm yourself with the knowledge of exactly what to look for when choosing a top-flight Vegas sports betting site:

  • Headquartered in a legitimate offshore gambling jurisdiction
  • Legally allowed to accept most USA players at 18+ or 21+
  • Secured by advanced SSL and TLS encryption to ensure player safety
  • Never shares or sells personally-identifying private or financial information
  • Offers US-friendly deposit methods that are fully compliant with the UIGEA banking regulation
  • Supports traditional banking options such as credit/debit cards, bank wires, and cashier’s checks
  • Supports modern banking options such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Cardano + other crypto coins
  • Standard Vegas sports betting bonuses for all traditional deposit options
  • Enhanced Vegas sports betting bonuses for all cryptocurrency deposit options
  • Guaranteed payouts for all withdrawal options + affordable fees/rates
  • Same-day payouts for all crypto withdrawal options + no added fees
  • 1000s of daily Vegas odds for all popular USA and international sports
  • Vegas lines for all major international sports tournaments and sporting events
  • Features Vegas prop builder tool for endless custom betting options
  • Special bets made available on member request
  • 24/7 customer service via live chat, email, telephone
  • Other Vegas online gambling markets (Vegas casino, Vegas poker, etc.)

Are Las Vegas Online Betting Sites Legal?

Yep! Whether you’re betting in Sin City or not, this “sin” is 100% legal as long as the site you’re using is regulated inside your state or located outside USA borders. Of course, because most US residents don’t live in a legal betting state, the only way to safely put real money on real Las Vegas betting lines is to use an international service.

Fortunately, there are no federal US gambling laws barring individual access to these sites, and most venues accept players at just 18 and up. That said – and not a little ironically – most offshore Vegas sportsbooks don’t accept Nevada residents! While it’s not illegal to join these sites if you live in NV, all legitimate operators use ID verification when delivering payouts, and you risk losing your winnings if you break the rules.

Also of note, WA residents are legally barred from all Vegas online sportsbooks, though the state appears not to enforce this law. If you live in Washington, you bet sports online at your own risk.

Vegas Online Sports Betting Markets

From NFL Vegas odds, NBA Vegas odds, NHL Vegas odds, and MLB Vegas odds to international favorites like Vegas UFC lines, soccer and rugby lines, cricket odds, and more, the top Vegas-style offshore sportsbooks have daily betting opportunities on literally every sport you can imagine.

What’s more, you can even find Vegas Presidential betting odds at these offshore sites, along with current events odds, reality TV odds, movie odds, other entertainment odds, and more. These kinds of non-sports bets aren’t legally allowed at domestic US sportsbooks, but international Vegas betting sites offer dozens of such lines every day.

Here's a small list of just some of the types of Vegas sports gambling markets you can find at all the best real-money online sportsbook sites featured here:

Types Of Online Vegas Sports Bets

Most Vegas sports bettors – especially those just getting started – are only familiar with the most basic bets. And even if you think you’ve never seen Vegas betting lines, NFL TV coverage always advertises the “point spread.” So no matter how new you are, you’re probably not a total rookie!

Without a doubt, the point spread bet – specifically due to Las Vegas NFL betting – is the most popular and accessible sports bet type in America. However, spread betting is actually more complex than straight betting or over/under betting, which rounds out the market’s “Big Three.”

We explain spreads, straights, and over/under below, along with several other popular wager varieties you’re sure to come across at your legal online Vegas sports betting site(s) of choice.

Straight bets (aka straights, straight moneylines, and straight-up bets) are the easiest Vegas bets to place. All you have to do is pick a winner. Payouts are determined by the volume of action on either side of the bet, with favorites earning less money than underdogs. The bigger the favorite, the smaller the payout, and the bigger the underdog, the bigger the payout.

Point spreads, as referenced above, should be familiar to you, especially if you’ve ever bet on the NFL. Vegas spread betting gives favored teams a “handicap” of a set number of points, and they must win by more than that number in order to win the bet. Meanwhile, underdogs can lose by one point less than the handicapped margin (or win outright) to win the bet. Payouts are usually the same on both sides.

Totals bets (aka over/under bets or O/U bets) ask the bettor to wager on whether a given game’s combined point total between both teams will be higher than (“over”) or lower than (“under”) the figure set by the Vegas sportsbook. Payouts are usually the same on both sides.

If you’ve ever browsed (or placed) Las Vegas Super Bowl bets, you’re probably familiar with prop bets. These wagers are side bets that aren’t concerned with winners and losers. Player props are bets you can make on whether or not a player will hit a given statistical performance threshold during a given game, and they usually come in the form of over/unders or yes/no bets.

Team props are just like player props, but instead of addressing individual player performances, team props ask you to place wagers on whether or not a specific team (or portion of a team) will achieve a given statistical outcome. As with player props, team props are usually over/unders or yes/no bets. 

Game props are like other kinds of Vegas prop bets, but these have to do with action that isn’t directly related to in-game plays or performances. The best examples of game props include things like Vegas Super Bowl coin toss odds, National Anthem odds, Super Bowl halftime odds, and so on. Only the biggest games have Vegas props of this nature.

Vegas futures are prop bets on extended timelines. With futures betting, you can place wagers on a division winner or league champion before the season even starts. You can also bet on individual awards recipients (MVP, ROY, All-Star, etc.) long before those awards are handed out. The earlier in the season (or pre-season) that you place a Vegas futures bet, the better it typically pays out.

Parlays are a type of wager where you’re actually making several different wagers on one combined bet slip, and all wagers must hit in order for your bet to win. Common Vegas parlays include teasers, pleasers, round robins, cross-sport bets, and more. Parlay bets pay out the best of any kind of Vegas betting line, but they’re notoriously difficult to get right.

Vegas specials are basically any kind of sports bet not covered by the above bet types. Because each online Vegas betting site is different and has different Vegas odds and lines, each sportsbook has specials you won’t find anywhere else. Many Vegas sports betting sites also categorize requested bets as “specials,” though these are usually typical props or spreads.

Note: All the sites we recommend accept special bet requests, so contact customer service if you want to place a wager you can’t find online or create for yourself through your site’s custom prop builder tool!

Vegas Online Live Sports Betting

You may be familiar with how to bet on sports in Vegas, but if you’ve never bet online before and haven’t been to a new brick-and-mortar sports betting lounge recently, you might be unaware of how popular live in-game betting has become.

Vegas live betting is one of the most exciting new segments of the industry. And while the biggest sportsbooks in Vegas now support in-play betting, the pastime is still more varied and entertaining when betting at the top international sites.

That’s because live betting is specifically designed for the online space. Vegas betting windows and gambling kiosks are fine when placing a few live wagers here and there, but when you need to bet on every other play, online is the only way.

With live Vegas betting, the bookie doesn’t close its doors once a given game gets underway. Instead, those doors stay open, and algorithm-based Vegas odds are automatically generated based on the ebb and flow of the action as it unfolds. This makes close games that much closer and blowouts that much more exciting, increasing fan engagement and bettor engagement alike.

Plus, you can always use live betting to recover a bad pregame bet or double down on a sure thing. And as always, with the sites we recommend, you can enjoy live sports betting in Vegas without actually betting in Vegas!

Vegas Online Mobile Sports Betting

If you live in Nevada, you can find dozens of official Las Vegas sports betting apps in the App Store or Google Play store. Similarly, if you live in another US state with legal domestic online gambling, you can find official sports gambling apps in mobile storefronts there.

However, most Americans don’t live in states with legalized Internet betting, which makes mobile Las Vegas betting online a sort of pipedream. But it doesn’t have to be!

These days, you can enjoy iPhone and Android Vegas online betting from anywhere in the USA, safely and easily. To make Vegas bets online, all you need is a free membership with any of the sites we recommend, a relatively modern smartphone or tablet, and an Internet connection.

These sites all offer real Las Vegas betting odds with no restrictions. There’s nothing to download or update because these sportsbooks are all 100% browser-based, and dynamic design ensures that you get a pixel-perfect sports betting experience regardless of the screen size or make/model of your mobile.

In the past, a Vegas bookie in your pocket would have been a major threat to your kneecaps, but these legitimate betting sites offer a comfortable, convenient, and safe experience every time. So go for a walk and place a few wagers.

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